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 Archdeaconry headquarters 

  • St Silas Cathedral Mbarakpaka Ihiala
  • St. Mary’s Parish Isseke
  • St. Thomas Parish Uli
  • St. Stephen’s Parish Ihiala
  • Ebenezer Parish Oseakwa Ihiala
  • St. Mark’s Parish Uli
  • Chapel of the Holy Spirit Uli
  • St. Andrew’s Parish Lilu

Cathedral Archdeaconry

  • St Silas Cathedral
  • St Mark’s Parish Ihiala
  • St. Andrew’s Parish Ihiala
  • Miracle Church Ihiala
  • Christ Church Ihiala

Ebonesie Archdeaconry 

  • St Mary’s Parish Isseke
  • Our Saviour’s Parish Isseke
  • St. Peter’s Parish Mbosi
  • St. Simon’s Church Ubuluisiuzor
  • Christ Church Isseke
  • New Jerusalem Isseke
  • Jehovah Jire Isseke
  • Holy Spirit Anglican Church, Mbosi

Uli Archdeaconry 

  • St. Thomas Parish Uli
  • St. Peter’s Parish Uli
  • St. John’s Uli
  • St. Faith Uli
  • St. Gabriel Uli
  • New Life Uli
  • Church Of Advent Uli

Ihiala East

  • St. Stephen’s Parish Ihiala
  • St. Philip’s Parish Ihiala
  • St. Barnabas Church Ihiala
  • Divine Grace Ihiala
  • New Covenant Ihiala

Ihiala West

  • Ebenezer Parish Oseakwa Ihiala
  • All Saints Parish Ihiala
  • St Peter’s Church Ihiala
  • Immanuel Church Ihiala
  • St. Luke’s Church Ihiala

Uli South

  • St Mark’s Parish Uli
  • St. Paul’s Parish Uli
  • St. Augustine’s Parish Amorka
  • Good Shepherd Church Amorka
  • Miracle Church Amorka
  • Anglican Church, Obinakaba

University Denary

  • Chapel of the Holy Spirit Uli
  • Bethel Church Uli

Lilu Archdeaconry

  • St. Andrew’s Parish Lilu
  • All Saints Church Lilu
  • Church of Resurrection Eziorsu

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